Punjab’s existing infrastructure is amongst the best in India. The State along with private participants have continuously made investments to enhance connectivity, communication networks, and develop the urban infrastructure in the State. These include development of new power plants which have ensured that Punjab has surplus and affordable power.


Punjab has one of the best rail (2,100 km), road (64,000 km) and air transportation networks in India. The State has five upcoming and operational airports at Mohali, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Bathinda and Pathankot.

It has one of the highest road densities amongst Indian states at 133 km per 100 sq. km. The road connectivity along with the network of airports will ensure that every corner of the State is readily accessible from across the world.

The State is connected to all major cities through Indian Railways. Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Amritsar, DeraBassi and Bathinda have dry ports (container freight stations/inland container depots) that facilitate imports and exports to and from the State.

Punjab also plans to develop all its 147 cities by providing 24x7 availability of affordable power, complete coverage for sewerage and improving roads in all cities.


The State has made large investments in improving connectivity.Punjab has the fourth highest tele-density of 103% (2013) in India and second highest rural tele-density in India. The State plans to provide all major services to its citizens through online portals with connectivity across all major cities, towns and villages.

Last Updated Date: 12-Mar-2019