Smart City
transformation for

100 Cities

Total Cost of

USD 27.5 Billion

Total Urban Population

99.6 Million

  Punjab’s Potential

Smart Cities Investment Opportunities


USD 376 MN


USD 313 MN


USD 311 MN

Opportunities for Partnership

  • Healthcare:
    Quality healthcare infrastructure, which is easily accessible to socially backward citizens is one of the focal point of Punjab Government. There is significant scope for development of hospitals, medical staff training centers, trauma centers, setting up and expansion of pharmacy retail chains
  • IT/ITES:
    Effective planning, operations and maintenance of city infrastructure requires relevant IT tools. There is a need for development of cloud based GIS systems with data warehousing solutions and connectivity infrastructure to enable data analytics for Government planning
  • Housing:
    One of the main focus of Smart City Initiatives is affordable housing. Real estate developers can collaborate with the State Government to develop township and residential complexes
  • Energy:
    Punjab is endowed with vast potential of solar energy and the Government is keen to tap this resource for strengthening power infrastructure in the State by setting up Solar Energy based power projects
  • Water Technologies:
    A key component as part of Smart Cities includes implementing new and cutting edge solutions for total water management across areas such as water treatment, waste water treatment, recycle and collection, distribution and network management